Jigsaw Genius for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I turn off ads..?

Ads can be removed for a small fee by tapping the "Remove Ads" button. This can be found on the Options menu on the opening screen.


How can I rate the app..?

The success of our apps depends on feedback and ratings. Please visit the apps page on the App Store to provide a rating or review.

Game Play

How do I play the app..?

A series of context sensitive hint bubbles appear at different times to help you use the app.

Can I change the apps look and feel..?

The app comes bundled with a number of themes that change background images and app colours. These can be accessed from the Controls menu (grey jigsaw piece) when playing a jigsaw.

How do I turn off the game music or sounds..?

Game music and sounds can be turned off in Settings which can be accessed from the Options menu on the opening screen or from the Controls menu with the game.

Theme Packs

How do I get more jigsaws..?

Additional theme packs can be downloaded from the Shop.

How do I archive/restore a theme pack..?

Archiving a pack removes it from your device to free up space. A pack can be restored at any time and there are no further App Store costs to pay. Any progress you have made before a pack is archived is saved and reinstated when it is restored.

From "My Library" select a theme pack and then tap the archive, restore or remove button.

I've got an idea for a new theme pack, how do I let you know..?

New theme packs are added weekly and we are always looking for new ideas..! Let us know what you'd like to see here.


I've still got a question, how do I contact you..?

Leave a message here.