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Latest Apps and Updates

Jigsaw Genius Pro v5.7, Jigsaw Genius v5.7

  • Click here for details
  • Recent theme packs: Birds 2, Savannah, Carnivals, Scenic Scotland, Europe 3, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Coastline, Heritage, Flowers 3, US States 12, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Connecticut, Vibrant, Apocalypse, Madagascar, Loyalty 3, Europe 2, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Seasons 2, Summer 2, Cornwall, Modern Art, US States 11, South Carolina, Maryland, Minnesota, Cities 6, Bucharest, Bratislava, US Sports, Fantasy Art, Time Lapse, Waterfalls
  • Upcoming theme packs: Paradise, Top of the World, Surrealism, Loyalty 4, US States 13, West Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska

Mahjong Pro v4.9, Mahjong Genius v4.9

  • Major version change
  • Added automatic game save/resume
  • UI changes
  • Bug Fixes